Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark gives a live televised speech every New Year’s Eve at 18:00. She is the only Monarch in the world who gives such a speech live with no transmission delay.

This year even The Queen talked about climate change. She fears that thought and consideration are being forgotten.

A translation of her thoughts on climate change and Greenland:

“Increasingly, our way of life affects the environment and the climate.

Businesses have green strategies. Wind, sun and biomass give us cleaner energy. At home in the kitchens many sort the waste. Many buy organic.

It is probably the young people who take the lead. It is those who understand that the problems of the future will be theirs. They will not – like us elderly – linger in old habits.

Therefore, we must listen carefully to the young people when we discuss how we can avoid challenging the balance in nature.

We must take care of the future. We must think about in time.

In Greenland the ice melts. Here, the changes are also clear.

There, high north, you live close to nature. Everyone is dependat on weather and wind, ice and snow all year round. In these years nature is generous. Fishing goes well. It is making progress.

It is my hope that the good development for Greenland will continue and that the vast country must be better tied together and tied closer to Denmark and the world.

I send my warmest New Year’s wishes to everyone in Greenland.”

Incidentally, this New Year Speech was broadcast from the Fredensborg Palace, because the Queen’s residence Amalienborg is having climate change protection work done.