Nuuk is a town for cars, sadly.

There’s only 8 km from one end of Nuuk to the other, but there are several thousand cars. Nuuk has become a town for cars, not people. We need to change that.

Many roads in Nuuk has been built without any room for pedestrians, forcing people to walk on the very edge of the road hoping that cars don’t hit them. When there is a designated area of the road for people to use it’s not being maintained properly with uneven surfaces, cracks and potholes. In winter the snow isn’t removed.

The main road from the town center of Nuuk to the neighborhood Qinngorput is actually wide enough for there to be built a bicycle path.

Look at that unused space.

There’s room for a bicycle path next to the walking path. A safe, well-maintained path for people to ride their bikes from Qinngorput to the town center. Install some benches and trash cans for good measure. This will encourage some people to live healthier by riding a bike instead of a car.

The oldest part of Nuuk is the colonial harbor. Today it hosts the local Nuuk museum, the National Museum, a café and several shops. But enjoying a cup of coffee at this beautiful part of Nuuk is interrupted by the sound, air and visual pollution of cars.

Why is there a parking lot in the middle of everything, obstructing the view from the café?

The colonial harbor should be completely car-free.

A car-free colonial harbor would make room for the café and the restaurant to have bigger outdoor service. The museums could have outdoor activities, or there could simply be room for people instead of cars.